Cancellation Policy for Healthy Body Training Facility:

At Healthy Body Training Facility, we value our members' commitment to their health and fitness journey. We understand that circumstances may arise where a member needs to cancel their membership. To ensure a smooth and transparent cancellation process, we have established the following cancellation policy:

1. Cancellation Notice Period: Members are required to provide a minimum of 15 days' notice prior to their billing date to cancel their membership. This allows us to process the cancellation request efficiently and avoid any unnecessary charges.

2. Cancellation Methods: Members have three options to cancel their membership:

   a. In-Person Cancellation: Members can visit the gym in person and complete a cancellation request form. Our staff will assist in guiding you through the process and ensure all necessary documentation is completed accurately.

   b. Registered Mail Cancellation: Members can send a cancellation request via registered mail using trusted mail services such as US Mail, FedEx, or UPS. This method ensures the secure delivery of your cancellation request and provides proof of receipt.

   c. Telegraph Cancellation: Members also have the option to send a cancellation request via telegraph. Please note that telegraph services may require additional fees, and it is essential to ensure the accuracy of the provided contact information.

3. Email Cancellation Requests: We kindly request that members refrain from submitting cancellation requests via email. To ensure proper processing of your cancellation, we recommend utilizing one of the three approved methods mentioned above.